T-20 Cricket

Since we have been talking about games for the past couple of posts I thought it would be fitting to carry the same theme forward and introduce you to another one of our games.

Cricket World Championship 20 is an awesome gaming app! Not only are the graphics cool, the gameplay is simple yet exciting, making it easy to play CWC20 on the go.

Needless to say this app has been exceedingly popular since there are fans scattered all over the world who just can’t get enough of cricket. Before I share some screenshots of CWC20 with you, I’ll provide a brief description of the game. If you want to learn more or download the game, hop on over to: http://www.pepper.pk/cricket-world-cup-t20/

CWC20 puts your team out in the field, chasing targets in twenty over matches.  You have to successfully chase the target score to win a match. Play straight drives, sizzling cover boundaries, lofted pull shots making sure you don’t lose your wicket.

Cricket World Championship 20 has eight different teams you can choose from. You get to select your team as well as your opponent team, thrashing them at will :) . This iPhone cricket app has Facebook integrated in it and you can share your half-centuries, centuries, and wins with your friends.