4 Essential Christmas apps

Shopping during Christmas time is not only exciting because of the frugal bargains we search for at our favorite store, but also because of the Christmas songs that play at all the malls. Besides the fact that the Christmas music puts you in the mood to shop more, it also tends to put us all in happy mood with or without a shopping cart. What can be better to induce the Christmas spirit than a handy Christmas radio that never bores us? We don’t need to stay in the car anymore to finish listening to our favorite song. The app “Christmas Radio,” on IPhone brings the Christmas fever with you wherever you are. The streaming comes with great transmission accompanied with a fun graphical theme. The apps allows you to search for your favorite radio stations from more than 31,000 available stations so that your Christmas fever never runs short of passion.
Everyone wants to feel like Santa, not physically maybe but to feel the joy of giving presents to bring smiles is something we all have in common with him. Well, this fiction fantasy is now possible in another chimera, where you can purchase an app called “Santa Flight”. The app allows you to help Santa deliver Christmas presents. The idea is to deliver a specified number of gifts per level and save Santa from colliding into Grinch and Christmas homes. The game has 9 levels which get more tough with every level you surpass so that the urge to give more presents never comes to an end.
And how can Christmas be complete without taking pictures and framing them in typical custom frames? Every year whether we like it or not, moms always insist on taking the perfect pictures with everyone clad in green and red sweaters and then framing them to put on cards which then end up being pasted in the album of “Christmas.” Well good news for moms who don’t need to coerce all the family members to find Christmas frames for all the pictures. IPhone apps now offer “Christmas frames” that allows you to take pictures and then combine them with your favorite Christmas inspired frames. Take as much time as you want here moms, because the app gives you plenty of space to play and use your imagination to make your favorite picture come to life. And when you are done you can share them with a simple tap on the phone, and that’s how easy it is.
Last but not least, a small Christmas puzzle for everyone! No need to buy the usual puzzles and then spend your entire holiday rummaging through your entire house to find missing pieces from under the sofa cushion. This mess free puzzle allows you to play the game as many times as you wish without losing any pieces. The app Christmas Puzzle on IPhone converts unforgettable images into puzzles and the task is to rearrange the puzzle to get the original picture with the minimum number of moves. The app has 3 levels and it gets more tough with each level.
This season don’t set boundaries for joy. We all love to follow traditions, this year add something unique to your Christmas presents by gifting your loved ones with these Christmas apps.