A survey of Family Feud and Friends



Todays’ app review is centered on a Facebook app which has now found its way to iOS. “Family feud and friends” is a game appearing like a game show with 3 rounds of survey questions. The top answers are hidden and revealed as you begin to guess the correct ones. The answers are based on what a 100 average people have answered. At the beginning it allows you to spin the jackpot and win up to 9 coins so you can start playing. You get free coins on a daily basis and you can earn more coins by inviting friends to play with you. You also get the option to buy more coins with real money. While playing you can choose to connect through your Facebook account and play with you friends from there. You also have the option to play as a stranger with strangers.

The game requires only 2 coins to get started. This app has a fun TV show sense to it making you feel like you are playing for real money. You play against another player in the first three rounds. Points are doubled in Round 2 and tripled in Round 3. If you make it to the 3rd round you play “fast money,” and earn up 200 points. In this round you don’t have a competitor. The task is to answer five questions and give the most accurate answers as soon as possible. If you collect the most number of points in the given time you reach the next level.

While the app appears to be rather fascinating one might compare it to word games and muse if this might be adding to our knowledge. However, it actually doesn’t. There isn’t much the player learns from the app except what were the top 100 answers that majority of the people answered in surveys. The good thing is, you are gaining general knowledge end of the day and since it’s free it is always worth a try. Also, while typing the keywords the app lists down the closest possible answers you might be searching for. Hence, those poor at typing skills like me cannot give this as an excuse to justify a bad score.