Why play “Words with Friends?”

After getting acknowledgment for developing Farmville, Zynga has continued to climb the ladder by creating many more iOS apps- all of them making a good score in the market.” Words with Friends” is yet another app that has gotten many app and scrabble lovers glued to their iPhones again. This app is clearly a modern version of scrabble. Some have apprehensions accepting the changes, while many have already become devoted to the unique alterations.
The older version of words with friends was free, but as many pointed out the advertisement and bugs in the app made it less exciting. One of the most prominent problems in Zynga free games is the constant ads and banners, that tend to ruin your mood even when you are winning. Hence, the new paid “Words with Friends” app continues to be the same app but without the advertisements and the banners.
Like the original scrabble you get 7 letters to make a word in a horizontal or a vertical line. The scoreboard is slightly different than the usual one. You can search for a random opponent, ask a friend for their username, or simply sync with your Facebook which allows you to play with all your friends. “Words with Friends”, allows you to shuffle the tiles in your rack as many times as you want. If you don’t like your tiles you can even exchange them with your opponent, but in return you lose your turn. After playing a word, you tap on “play” and the person you are playing with is notified. While you are playing your turn, you even have the option of chatting, whether it’s a random opponent or a friend. If your friend takes too long to respond or disappears, you can start another game while still running the previous games.
“Words with Friends” has taken a new approach to scrabble. Without losing any scrabble letters now you can conveniently play at your own pace. You can play your turn whenever you want without losing your previous scores. As soon as your opponent plays their move, you get a notification on your iPhone reminding you that it’s your turn. However, on the other side there are a few very noticeable drawbacks in this app too. There is no tab that allows you to see previous moves. Every time you put your letters together to make a word, you don’t know how much you will score till you play it. Unfortunately for an amateur like me, when my math skills and vocabulary were put to test together, it took several attempts to reach a decent score.
Unlike Scrabble, this app allows you to score really high when you make big words. Yes, everyone can cheat no matter how honestly they want to play it. For example if you create a word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary, it will not accept your word. Clearly, the score can rise within a few turns. I do believe that like all word games this one too plays a big role in increasing vocabulary. Like always, it’s a great app for grownups and children who learn a lot more while taking fun challenges.