Find Your BlackBerry for $14.99 only

TheSnooper is a fast and easy insurance policy for your device! Track your lost or stolen 'berry by sending it an SMS or an email, and it will immediately respond with a map clearly showing you its location. The TheSnooper website makes tracking and locating your device a snap!

About TheSnooper
TheSnooper lets you find and recover your 'berry in a jiffy! Using GPS and SMS technology, it's always ready to receive messages from you and responds with its current location.
  • TheSnooper never gets in your way; it runs silently in the background waiting for a secure, tracking SMS request to be received. Responses are only sent to your TheSnooper web portal, so no one other than you can track your device.
  • If you find E-mail handier than SMS, that's fine. TheSnooper will respond to tracking emails too!
  • You never have to manually start TheSnooper. Once installed it will launch automatically when your phone restarts or reboots and will run silently in the background.
  • TheSnooper will trigger automatically if somebody changes the SIM card and will proactively send you its locations. Foil those phone thieves!!
  • Just in case, TheSnooper will send you repeated alerts about the location of the BlackBerry in case the SIM card has been changed, unless you tell it otherwise. This way you can watch those thieves on the move and have them end up where they belong!
  • TheSnooper's easy to use web console lets you login and view device location on a friendly & readable map.