Christmas Radio

Version: 3.1

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Christmas Radio is an online streaming radio based on SHOUTcast radio, customized to deliver the best Christmas transmissions to your iPhone/iPod Touch with a single touch. Christmas radio has a fun Christmas theme making it highly graphical and yet easy to use. The story does not end here! You can search for your favorite radio stations from more than 31,000 available stations across the world. Once you find your favorite radio channels on Christmas Radio, you can add them to your favorites list and access them with a single touch the next time you feel like groovin’ to your favorite tunes.



- Access to over 31,000 radio stations on your iphone (via EDGE, 3G or wifi ) or ipod touch (wifi).
– Christmas theme.
– Search the vast directory of SHOUTcast via keywords.
– Maintain your favorite radio channels list.
– High quality streaming.
– Easy to use.

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