Dokobots or just Robots?

Dokobots, is a new iPhone app which starts off in a rather fascinating manner. The user is first introduced to the history of dokobots that are aliens in need of help from humans. They are inactive and need batteries to get charged. The app helps you make your dokobot active and green in color. You can give your dokobot a name and a function, choosing from options like “hopeless romantic.” The app gives you a virtual map of your actual location and shows you objects like robots and batteries that you can pick. The player is provided with the option to search for batteries and other dokobots in the area and then pull them closer through a magnet. The app appears to be rather interesting and gives you the chance to build a life for your dokobot, so much so it even give it the opportunity to take a vacation.

However, as independent as the dokobots appear to be, any player will realize in half an hour or less that there are too many boundaries for this seemingly independent dokobot as well. While you remain in the same location, you will remain pretty far from all batteries and other abandoned dokobots unless you physically move in the direction of the batteries. Trying to bring them closer through the magnets takes too much time and the wait feels rather tiresome after a while. Another disadvantage is that I may have more dokobots in my room but they will not be visible to each other. This app could have a lot more potential if the dokobots are given more features and given the ability to interact with each other. Giving dokobots names and jobs in words is not enough to personify them, hence more is required from this app to keep the interest.