Moving Boxes challenges players

“Move the Box,” is one of the new puzzle apps on iOS and Android. This application brings forward a new genre of puzzles, which offers very limited moves. It is a smart app similar to Angry Birds and it requires attention as it really puts your mind to work.

As the name of the app suggests, the task is to move the boxes in a limited number of moves which if done correctly makes them disappear. Typically the player has 1 to 3 moves for every challenge. If the player uses more moves, he has to play again till he can figure out how to finish without using extra moves. The app continues with several new levels, each level getting tougher than the previous one.

Since each level has a different set of boxes that need a new strategy, the app does become very challenging and tiresome at times. To help at those points, the application offers hints, which can be obtained by either paying or by writing a review. This app has a very smart marketing strategy. By offering hints as bait, many users have already written a review. Even if it is a line, it is a proof of the apps success. While reviewing can get 5 hints for different levels, it is essential that the player saves those hints for the extremely difficult levels.

If nothing else works, it’s always best to do some brainstorming and randomly move boxes to get clues for the right strategy.

All in all this is a fun puzzle game, perfect to play while waiting at the doctor’s office or in long lines.