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Jot – a – Lot is an awesome app that will let you scan documents using your iPhone camera, effectively turning your iPhone into a mobile multi-page scanner! With a user friendly interface, this easy to use application will change your life, making it convenient for you to scan apps on the go! From scanning receipts for your expense reports, to making copies of other important documents like passports and legal docs to sharing documents and images with your family and friends, Jot – a – Lot really helps to add more mobility to your mobile lifestyle.

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Scanners are such useful devices, it’s just a pity you can’t carry them around when you’re on the move. Finally, there’s a solution to this conundrum: Jot a Lot, a beautiful, incredibly useful app that converts your Blackberry or iPhone into a portable document scanner. Now you can easily take snapshots of documents, whiteboards or other printed material and Jot a Lot will clean them up and neatly bundle them into emailable documents!