Customize your BlackBerry’s LED.
Know who’s contacting you…
About LEDNotifier
LEDNotifier lets you know instantly who’s contacting you via email, text or call by flashing the appropriate colors on your `berry's LED.
  • LED Notifier blinks a different color for incoming call/SMS/Email from a particular contact.
  • LED Notifier never gets in your way; it runs silently in the background waiting for an incoming call, sms or email to inform you by flashing your BlackBerry’s LED.
  • You don’t need to manually start LED Notifier. Once installed it will launch automatically when your phone restarts or reboots and will run silently in the background.
  • LED Notifier allows you to customize the LED color for the contacts right from your BlackBerry’s address book.
  • You can also add numbers and email addresses that are not in your contact list but need a custom notification for them.
  • You have the liberty to enable or disable the LED Notifier service whenever you want.