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Version: 1.5
Window 7

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Your Phone 7 takes great pictures and you use it all the time to record the happy moments in your life. What if you want to edit your photo, adjust the brightness level, crop it a little, rotate or recolor the picture to make it perfect and then share it with your loved ones? Hmmm…that’s a hard one! .
Not any more though! Download Photo Editor to make life easy and edit any picture you take, using your Phone 7, straight off your handset. Save the modified file and then share it with friends and family as much as you want!

Features :
* Crop Photos
* Rotate Photos
* Adjust Brightness
* Adjust Contrast
* Re-size to reduce the image size
* Change color to black and white, Pop, Negative and Sepia.
* Fully Recolor the photo in RGB mode.
* Paint to draw lines and shapes of different colors with various effects
* Doodle to add frames, text and brush your photos in different colors
* Save and send edited photo as an email
* Upload photos to Facebook
* Adjust Sharpness
* Blur Effects
* Many New Filters (Coming Soon)




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Video Description
A photo editor suite like no other has been developed for the Windows Phone 7. The Photo Editor helps you make the most of the pictures on your Phone 7! Now you can change brightness, crop unwanted parts, adjust colors, add some artistic finishing touches of your own, or take a picture and add some notes for future reference and generally fine tune your pictures.

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