Words for Word Target

Smartphones and Tablets have not only brought the world to the palm of our hands, they have also introduced us to apps and word games that all of us had played in different forms during our childhood. From Scrabble to Tetris we have all played these games at one point or another. Pepper.pk continues to surprise users with intelligent twists to these games and comes up with games that we all love.

Word Target gives the players a set of 6 alphabets and 3 minutes. The task is to make as many words as possible from those few letters in that much time. The alphabets don’t change; hence the player has all the time to concentrate on those few letters. Of course the bigger the word, the more points you get. You can make as many as 3, 4, 5, and even 6 letter words from the combination available. 3 letter words increase your points by 30 and time by 3 seconds. 4 and 5 letter words also increase points in the same manner. You will soon realize that it is not a hard task at all to score high quickly.

Another app developed by Pepper.pk, named Skitrix is an extremely challenging app that challenges us to make words from falling blocks. While amateurs struggle more with Skitrix, I recommend Word Target which is the right choice if you are looking for something easier to get started. In Word Target too the mission is to make words with a few letters, however, it does not swamp your screen with letters that you don’t have control over after some time. So, having the luxury of concentrating on a few letters, one at a time is blissful for beginners like me. Also the number of words you can make with a few given letters will surprise you. The curiosity to see all the possible combinations to make a word is sure to keep you glued to the app for some time.